Wauhaus is a stilted treehouse for grownups - The Spaces

2022-06-15 13:43:11 By : Mr. Mike Su

Hello Wood has created a futuristic cabin, designed to recreate the childhood joy of escaping to a treehouse.

The Budapest-based architecture studio says the cabin is for ‘those who want to rise above the earth and the hustle and bustle of everyday life’. Stilts lift Wauhaus above the ground, creating the feeling of being situated among the trees.

A raised walkway leads inside the house, which is lined with plywood and punctuated by a porthole window, as well as a glazed end at the highest point of the cabin. There’s enough space for a kitchenette, which is located so that guests can peer through the porthole while making a cuppa.

The Wauhaus is the latest in a series of tiny homes created by Hello Wood, which has designed huts for those working from home as well as guest houses and holiday retreats. With this new design, the studio hopes to tap into people’s urge to escape the city and ‘watch the wildlife of the quiet forest, listen to the rustle of leaves or immerse ourselves in the view unfolding before us.’ Price is available on request.