Amble sculpture trail gets green light to begin construction | Northumberland Gazette

2022-07-27 17:36:21 By : Mr. Richard zhao

After finally getting the planning permissions and licenses required to build on council owned land, work has started on the much anticipated ‘Boord Waalk’.

The ‘Bird Song’ sculpture is the first artistic piece of the project to be constructed, with more to follow suit.

Designed by Italian artists Aether and Hemera, it is designed to reflect the soundwaves made by the call of a Roseate Tern, a coastal breed of bird most commonly seen off the coast of Northumberland (most notably Coquet Island, which is just off the coast of Amble) during the summer months.

The piece was designed and created in February of 2020 after the two Italians visited the seaside town.

Further along Amble’s Braid, next to the Shorebase Trust will be what is known as the ‘Sphere’, designed by Scottish artist Rob Mulholland, which is a spherical steel sculpture comprised of the outlines of different forms of birds.

The piece was inspired by Rob’s visit to Amble just before the Covid lockdown of 2020.

Julia Aston from Amble Development Trust said: “I think it’ll be a lovely asset for the town. It will attract more visitors, which will in turn help the local businesses.

"The majority think it [the sculpture] is beautiful.”

The trail will include 12 sculptures, and an app allowing people to listen to specially created poetry, birdsong, soundscapes and music.

Information on each sculpture, the birds, and ecology will also be included.

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